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Rainbow Symphony is an authorized Distributor for Thousand Oaks Optical
Full Aperture


Made with high quality hand select glass and TRIPLE COATED with nickel, chrome and stainless steel. Originally developed by Thousand Oaks Optical in 1983. The most durable solar filter on the market for over fourteen years. Guaranteed six years. Second only to our new Type 2 Plus.


Made with high quality hand select glass and coated with our exclusive Solar II Plus. Dramatically more resistant to wear due to excessive handling and fading that results from long term ultraviolet radiation. Durability of these filters is unmatched. Guaranteed fifteen years.

Type 2 & Type 2 Plus are for unlimited visual use and general photographic use. Solar image is yellow-orange. Transmission is 1/1,000 th of 1% (ND-5). Instructions included.


Lighter density (ND-4) for maintaining fast shutter speeds when using "slow" fine grain films. Transmission is 1/100 th of 1%. For photographic use only. Guaranteed fifteen years. Solar image is yellow-orange.


Available in all standard sizes from 46mm through 82mm. Coatings available in Type 2 Plus or Type 3 Plus.



You can now enjoy observing the ever changing phenomenon of the sun in hydrogen alpha at the most reasonable price. For over eighteen years we've manufactured the most popular white light filters in the world. With our white light filter, excellent views of sunspots and granulation are easily seen. In H-Alpha light, spectacular prominence activity can be seen at the limb. The 1.5 band-width also yields some surface detail including flares. Each system comes complete and ready to attach to telescope. The system includes a red pre-filter and H-alpha filter mounted in a tilting (fine-tuning) mechanism. (Type 2 and 3 series filters will not work as a pre-filter since the 656.3 band-width is not transmitted). H-Alpha filters generally do not work with newtonians as there is not enough focus travel. Piggy-backing a small refractor is recommended since a large aperture is not necessary for solar observation.


Enhance your deep sky viewing with the latest in multi-layer coating technology. Over three years in development. Our filters transmit desired wave-lengths in a very steep slope vs gentle transition slopes in competitive brands. This means better contrast & overall performance.

Available for 1.25" and 2" eyepieces.

Type LP-1 (Broadband) For slight to moderately light-polluted areas.

Type LP-2 (Narrowband) For heavily light polluted areas.

Type LP-3 (Oxygen III) For diffuse and planetary nebulae.

Type LP-4 (Hydrogen Beta) For Horsehead, California nebula and other faint nebulae.


When ordering a solar or H-Alpha filter, please specify telescope brand, focal length and outside diameter measurement of telescope tube. The cost of any filter is based on the actual aperture of your instrument. The cell that the filter is mounted in will be sized to fit over the end of the tube.

We manufacture filters to fit all brands and apertures of optical instruments including telescopes, binoculars, cameras, telephoto lenses and video cameras.

Thousands of our filters are in use world wide.

All of our Solar filters and Nebular filters are manufactured in the U.S.A. by Thousand Oaks Optical.





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